Shells     layers    brittle    reminders            of old fossils

                                 Ancient                pigments of combustion

                            History talks        back at                 you

                              Can you believe it?           Or are you just as             forgetful

                                             As the rest of us?

               Honesty                                             unlike reality

                   Filters out UV rays            in Australia

            Damaged by       the sun

                                         the sea blue                      Blue       makes up for it

            Turquoise            surf                       sand       Oludeniz              pebbles feet under

                            Remember! Artists perish!             When they don’t               create

                            His girlfriend       entire family       building burned in             Paris

                        She is with him                                 Every breathing hour

                              Morocco sleeps                while he waits

                        Technology         time zones          fool us

                              Give us time                       steals our                                          lives

             Stolen generation             we are   a       truncation

                                             An addendum of               peace

                           If every man       searches for Paradise

                                             Can the                whole world       contain us?

                              Or will she spit us back out,           as she searches for          meaning

                  Or when she reclaims her sanity?

                                  Is there a                            key                        or will

we get                                                    there

                          just in time for the                                          party?  (the one that always



New York City, March 2011

published in Issue 13, Upstairs at Duroc, Paris


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