My Los Angeles

Los Angeles Basin Sunset

We are getting older. Aren’t we?

Doesn’t mean we get any stronger.

In fact, we seem to break more–

Frequently. At the drop of a hat; the tip of a pin,

the gaze of a lover, the sound of disappointment. Or anger.

Or blame.

More often than not, we mean more to someone than we know.

When all your wishes come true…

Do you wish that some hadn’t?

Music, lies, loneliness, details,

do we just get better at filling up the void?

If I ever see you again, would you be different?

Since the opposite of love is indifference,

I’d rather you hated me.

If you knew where home was, would you come running?

I had known of your suffering,

I did not know how to set you free.

If you wanted to cut the chains, I would help you,

without excuses or shame.


Alicia Khoo

My Los Angeles

Singapore, Dec 2010


Turned to Salt


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