An Epic of Nails

epic of nails

on a drum a painter sits//

smearing ochre pollen onto cobalt


fingertips rusting with

electric violence.

He burns canvas in mercury//

his liberty was born of Goa/

nails scrape fluid onto the form of


with it he creates a


whose ink spills


goddess, heiress, martyr;

madonna, whore?!

they are found distilled


generations of

slaughtered intellectuals/

she writes in a temple with

tibetan nuns//

sonnets, haikus, ideologies of

dangerous artists/

she pens a letter to him in ancient


A truce of Gilgamesh//

In it, there is

no us against


© Alicia Khoo

September 2012

Written on a boat between Phuket and Phi Phi Island

A dedication to Finger Painting Artist Alex Rodrigues




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