The Free World

Carthaginians in a siege


two hundred boys to Kronos.

O Babylon, O Phoenicia!

Your infidelity makes you

worse than whores

because even prostitutes get


You pay lovers to lie with you,

building temples of skinny on the big screen:

Fathers who destroy their sons,

mothers who set wolves on daughters;

As Milton turns in his grave,

Ginsberg tapdances at 1010 Montgomery Ave,

and Nietzsche spends his last years,

insane, howling, and alone.

© Alicia Khoo

Singapore, March 2013


16 thoughts on “The Free World

  1. Ginsburg tapdances, insane, howling…great poem…..heard of American poet Catfish McDaris good dude

      • yeah, he’s a mate of mine….a funny dude..hey do you like ‘The Big Lebowski’ you sound Queen of the Dudes to me..gotta rake leaves, have a piss, get drunk….all that stuff…see you

      • LOL!!! I never could sit through Big Lebowski with my guy friends coz they would make too much damn noise getting super excited about the movie.

      • Oh Okay hey I’m an old fart and I’m listening to Joe Cocker play at Fillmore. Man that dude was great . I used to move just like him, hands flaying spastic like a whirling wind. I once had a party of acid jazz musos play at my house. i was just like Joe Cocker, he really moves me

      • It’s late ! Have you ever seen the film ‘Smoke’. I am watching it before bed. It is one of the profoundest movies I’ve seen. It is about 3 people that inter-connect with other people. William Hurt he is a writer who has writers block. He has a friend, Auggie [ Harvey Keital] who owns a tobacco shop. Hurt lost his wife in a shooting after she came out of Keitals shop. Harvey is a photographer who every day from the same spot takes a photograph. William Hurt’s wife is in one of the photos. As Hurt goes through his friends photo album, he says the photos are all the same. Keital replies, ‘they are all the same but different. Some are taken at the same time, but the light is different. So they are all the same but different. Every day I take a shot from the same spot, but every day they’re maybe a breeze, or maybe its raining, or the fact that one day they are smiling, or one day they are not. They are all the same but different. you know second after second…..’
        The film is about living in the moment, second after second . There is something beautiful in that!

      • another good australian poet is Ben John Smith has a mag called horrorsleazetrash….though warning it’s very risque , naughty, but its done firmly tongue in cheek, but he’s a great aussie poet……El Dudess

      • Just checked out Catfish McDaris, he has a new fan! Yep will look at Ben John Smith. Most Aussies are risque, irreverent and tongue-in-cheek anyway! I won’t be too shocked! hahaha

      • good for you, great you checked Cat out , you know he did a chapbook with Charles Bukowski & Jack Micheline a great San Francisco poet..the book is called ‘Prying’. Bens had a few books too, one with Cath

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