Des Ennuis

Des Ennuis

A garbled paraphrase of a letter written in 1845 by King Leopold of Belgium to Queen Victoria: “dealings with artists, for instance, require great prudence; they are acquainted with all classes of society, and for that reason dangerous; they are hardly ever satisfied, and when you have too much to do with them, you are sure to have des ennuis” — Leopold to Victoria, 10 October 1845.


5 thoughts on “Des Ennuis

  1. Artists are always looked down upon and even feared due to our FREE spirits. I can’t stress the word “FREE” enough. We are not bound by societal “norms” as we think for ourselves therefore we must be a threat, dangerous. Even today, where we “have come so far as a society” these ridiculous notions still exist in one way or another. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will pass it on.

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