Driving Miss Daisy


You have anger issues, he tells me.

No I don’t! How dare you? I yell and go red in the face.

So I set out my day to prove him wrong.

I smile at the bank teller and speak in a slow soft voice.

He smiles back and thanks me for my patronage.

See, people like me. So far so good.

I pat myself on the back.

A cab driver refuses to let me switch lanes

when there’s plenty of space.

You’re just a test, buddy, I smile

(as I honk and mentally flip him off.)

I drive into a parking lot the wrong way.

A man yells and flips me off.

I shrug at him and say out loud

You’re just a test, buddy.

(PS I wouldn’t shove you off a cliff

but I wouldn’t necessarily be at your funeral.) 

I end up back in my garage nice and happy.

See, I made it through the day

and everything was fine.

Fine like candy-dandy champagne -worthy fine!

Major pat on back.

What’s that, he says,

prying a slip of paper from under

my windshield wiper.

How the heck did I get a parking ticket?

I thunder and rage.

See, I’m not mad at you.

I’m mad at the damn government. 

Hey, just another test,


© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 5


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