Fight or Flight

Flock of doves

She envies the birds

and the bees.

One day I will be a bird,

she whispers to the universe.


Her father walks in and she ceases to exist.

Eighteen and out, she tells herself.

As blows flatten her face,

and her hair falls to the floor,

she lays facedown on marble,

in a pool of blood, sweat and tears.

Now a way of life.

Heart still beating

around a campfire,

she meditates on her wings,

sheathed with silver and gold.

Β© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 6

For all the children and grown-ups out there going through domestic violence, you are not alone. Seek help!


23 thoughts on “Fight or Flight

    • Hi Leo, indeed, a lot of this goes on behind closed doors and it is usually a life of fear, intimidation and silence. We need more funding for social workers, awareness, and outreach. Thanks for reading and the comment.

    • Thank you for the nomination, I am very honored. πŸ™‚ but at the time of your nomination I had 207 followers and thus was not eligible. Peace and bliss, Alicia

      • You are welcome. And I understand I am going to have to do the same thing for a Liebster Award that I was just awarded. πŸ™‚

      • wow, high praise!!,yes I’m a struggling poet trying to give it a go.
        had few books done but alas not Allan Ginsberg…more of a street poet influenced by Ginsburg, Bukowski, Kerouac. got a book being launched this week ‘the barking mad poems, great title don’t you think actually last week bought a bottle of red called barking mad haha!!..very nice drop

      • Ginsburg, Bukowski, Kerouac–three of the greats, and some of my favorites! I also love Rimbaud, Apollinaire, Kate Braverman, the Sufi poets, the Psalmists and philosophers.

        Yes I believe I’ve tried Barking Dog before? Had a lot of Aussie wine and beer when I was living in Perth, then moved to the states where 12 noon is not acceptable drinking time. πŸ˜‰

        Look forward to your posts!

      • yeas..mine too…. my favourite Kerouc is the ‘Dharma Bums’ & Desolation Angels’ Ginsburg/Howl Bukowski Ham & Rye, Post Office a classic…he’s best poems Bluebird/Born into This/ Was that you Catullus I saw at the racetrack…all in all good stuff..cheers

      • Sufi poets yeah they are great Rumi I love him and Hafiz I think it depends on a good translation some stuff from Coleman Barks I feel is very western, have a lookout for Andrew Harvey or actual modern day Persian poets who translated his work, same goes for Hafiz. Another dude is Tagore. Kate Braverman I will check out!

      • Tagore! Bengali! One of my best friends is Bengali and she tells me her language is like sugar, always sweet. It’s hard to hate in Bengali, she says.

        Coleman Barks is definitely my style, I translate a lot of Chinese and French songs and poetry into what I feel resonates with me…true to meaning but not to form. Will definitely check out Andrew Harvey and Hafiz.

      • And Kate Braverman was my gateway into taking writing seriously. She writes in a such a raw and lyrical way that my mind had never perceived before and thus birthed a new poet.

        Tall Tales of the Mekong Delta; By Madness Wooed; Winter Blues, etc

        “Ms. Braverman is interested in the concept of Writing as a Criminal Act. As writers, we employ the methods of professional criminals. We break and enter, we rob, we assume aliases and false identities, engage in fraud, lie, omit, impersonate, autopsy the living, exhume the dead for interrogation and deny everything. Recognizing the full extent of one’s writing tools should be liberating. We will use them with the ruthless conviction of people willing to be incarcerated for their acts.”

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