Who Ate My Camel?


So I guess we’ve all heard the news of North Korea threatening to bomb America (and the crazy fluctuation of stocks and shares), China’s keeping it real cool, the single mother prostitute and drug issue in Afghanistan, people really regretting the Harlem Shake, and someone in Timbuktu ate Francois Hollande’s camel. I would like to come back in thirty years and revisit this piece, if a) I’m not dead by virtue of a nuclear meltdown; b) I’m not North Korean by then; or c) I’m eating international political gifts. Excuse me while I go to the store to buy more Spam.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 12


21 thoughts on “Who Ate My Camel?

    • I dont’t get it…this was an exposition on current affairs and the abdsurdity of media reports…it is about the duality of human nature and the fact that we have wars going on but we are talking about camels. I never said eating camels was wrong. And praying to God doesnt make anyone Indian either. I am Christian.

      • I was being metaphorical. We have a rabid, manic and vengefully competitive media out here who typically love to shove the mike into the faces of the dead and ask how they are feeling now that they are done with.

      • Thanks for the clear up. I was listening to BBC in the radio about the horrific things happening to children and widows in Afghanistan and suddenly they were talking about Hollande’s camel and I almost spewed my drink out lol. Thanks for coming by. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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