Things I Need to Tell my Therapist

I'm Nuts

I think I am three or four days behind with NaPoWriMo…thanks all you lovely people for appreciating my pieces and being so encouraging. But before I catch up on poetry, I just wanted to express my outrage. I am so outraged my stomach hurts! So this should be cathartic. What am I outraged about…well….let me count the ways, in no particular order:

1) Boston;

2) Gang rapes in India;

3) The sex-grooming gang phenomenon in Europe (if the statistics show recent Pakistani immigrants, then publish those findings instead of sweeping it under the rug to be “politically correct”, FACTS ARE FACTS!! I have absolutely nothing against Pakistanis in general, but it has been observed that the educational system in Pakistan teaches and condones misogynistic behavior, and this correlates with the high percentage of sexual assault offenders in recent years having recently migrated from Pakistan!!! It is not about ethnicity, it is about the way a particular culture views human rights!!!);

4) People talking more about Psy’s Gentleman track than what is happening with our children and our environment;

5) We care more about guns and wars and finance than education or fighting sex-trafficking and domestic violence;

6) My stomach still hurts, I think it got worse.

7) We start wars over OIL???? Money?? Power??

8) Wars are profit-generating opportunities for those in the weapons industry, that’s where our TAXES are going, we work for money so that money will be used in a way that ensures our exploitation;

9) Industrialized nations trying to “civilize” the agrarian civilizations who never asked for any bloody help in the first place, what with their needles and steel and concrete, they were doing perfectly fine before imperialism/invasion!!! And if they allowed you to colonize them, be GRATEFUL instead of ENTITLED!!!

10) There’s such a thing as an “illegal” immigrant?? Then how the heck did anyone get anywhere in the first place??

11) The media fanning the whole North Korea nuclear crap when all it is doing (as the world powers know so well) is affecting the way people trade in commodities, fear is definitely a potent way of control.

And the list goes on. Thank you for listening. I shall commence writing more poetry and try to sleep tonight.

Peace and love,


NaPoWriMo Day 16

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19 thoughts on “Things I Need to Tell my Therapist

  1. Agree entirely, the outrage one feels is impotent to stop it which fuels the outrage even more. As a member of the human race it never ceases to amaze me the depth of depravity that a fellow human being is capable of. Equally it amazes me the depth of compassion and selflessness of others belonging to the same human sphere. Smile at a stranger because you never know he/she or a person just like them might be the one who saves your life one day!

    • Yes I completely agree about the potential of human beings for depravity and also goodness. That’s why I love Barnett Newman’s Vir Heroicus Sublimus which he painted after WWII and the Holocaust; he expounds on his thoughts that man is heroic and sublime, and there is hope for humanity, even after the atrocities committed against our Jewish counterparts.

  2. Great rant. It is the responsibility of writers and musicians and artists to take a stand and speak out. I really appreciate your efforts for social change. Thanks for writing this. Alice

    • I agree it is the responsibility and function of artists to produce work based on our convictions and the ethos of our times. That’s why every dictatorship in history wanted to kill off the poets and painters first. Still happening. Thanks Alice. -Alicia

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