I really hate Facebook but…


For what it’s worth, my Facebook page is up and running! Yes I finally got around to it. Come on board to keep updated on my latest political rants and humanitarian causes that I support. Also from time to time I will throw in some jokes to end the day, so you might even go to bed smiling, or weeping. So a poet walks into Pyongyang…(See I had you in stitches already! See you on FB! :))

Also very excited to repost selected poetry/flash fiction from fellow writers if it interests/moves me.


All support appreciated!

Let’s keep the love of poetry, critical thinking, and freedom of expression alive.

I wish you bliss and liberty in the pursuit of truth,



20 thoughts on “I really hate Facebook but…

      • You can have the twitter just as an ear for poetry happenings, around the centers where you live. I’m surprised how much traffic it brings to my blog as well, in a good way. I want to come with you on your journey for a while Aly.

      • I just created mine recently, and only for poetry related stuff. It’s not as bad as it sounds…you are doing so well. I’m proud of your efforts. I support you.

    • Yes I know. This is not for more publicity. I had some peeps here send me friend requests on my personal facebook account so I created a poetry FB page so they could reach me there. I don’t approve FB requests on my personal account unless they are close friends., hence this poetry page. Otherwise I couldn’t be bothered, my life is busy enough!!

    • Hahahaha!! Uhm…a President of a certain big powerful nation invited a Prime Minister (PM) from a certain small rich naton to visit and impart some wisdom on how to run a country effectively like a corporation. President calls in the Vice President. The PM asks one question: who is your father’s son? The Veep says, I dont know sir. The PM replies: You are, you idiot!! This goes on and the Prez calls in every single one of his Senate but all fail the test. The Prez is shocked and upset but knows that he is the only one intelligent enough to pass the test. With the whole of Congress present, he implores the foreign visitor to ask him the exact same question. The PM inclines and asks,”Who is your father’s son?” The Prez looks around, and smiles, “You are, you idiot!!!”

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