Brave New World

He Said What?

He Said What?

What has become of us?

Celebrities are the new gods,

(I’m not sure what we’re celebrating)

televisions are the new temples,

time and money spent on gossip magazines

and going to pop concerts waving our hands in the air

screaming for joy or shrieking with manic tears:

these are our new sacrifices;

Weapons of mass distraction.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 23


14 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. I’m hearing you…”record found” in my library, to read reflection, in another soul.
    I see: The stage might not collapse, for truth easily avoids—eyes of millions.
    I’m still hearing you.

  2. “Weapons of mass distraction”. This is exactly as they are designed to be. Read the history of the development of mass marketing. Good post. You see to the heart of things and speak clearly.

  3. You’re insight is excellent as always. Thanks!
    Not to take away from your post in any way; I think you might appreciate this guy’s perspective on things. He touches on a some of the same subjects. Note that this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

  4. distraction refraction weapons who ever is waging this war on us has the advantage of not being known and this is probably the most terrifying aspect of the dull thud of mass media and it’s affect us… most celebs are meat furniture, very few shine in all domains… he must be a very lonely little heart throb boy on some level..

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