The Deepest Spot on Earth


When I was a child,

I was sent on a journey to

find the meaning of life;

or someone would die.

They told me,

“If you leave it out,

everything will be stolen

so cover it with a glass lid.”

I crossed the desert just to see

the Pyramids;

I wanted the answers

and found God in my hunger.

“Why are you scaring him?!”

He said that

my enemies taught me more

about me than I ever knew.

I see my reflection in a book

I wrote,

and the meaning of life stares

right back at me.

They were not satisfied with the

answer upon my return;

for it did not bring immortality

nor great wealth

(therefore, useless).

We’re dying Richard Parker.

Look into my eyes.

I lost everything.

I no longer owe you anything.


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