Born Again

We pay high prices to gain
Smoke and wind;
When all you know is
brick walls, and dead ends,
That’s all you will decide
To choose.

Days like these,
When some were born
And some weren’t,
I imagine my body
Breaking into pieces and
To the ultimate tapestry,
some call it
Nirvana, some call it Paradise.

In our hearts we all long for Eden,
Where we came from,
The forests, drums, oceans
Stories, kisses, touch,
Mourning together
And dancing in joy.

What is human life but
To be known
And to be loved;
Lack of condemnation
And shame;
A world where everyone
Can be trusted;
And our jars never run out
Of oil and flour.

Believe it or not,
We have been lied to:
We really only have today
And the earth is abundant
For us to receive and share.

If you are in the prison of
And the hell of yesterday,
Come on out, my friend.
I’ll walk with you
From this earth
Into eternity.


10 thoughts on “Born Again

      • Alicia,
        Wow! France! Thanks for asking. We’re living our dreams.

        All is GREAT beyond the occasional waves of homesickness. But no surprises there. We take turns with it.

        The food is GREAT. I’m into moldy dairy products and fresh bread every day and loving the rotten grape juice and even the fermented apple cider.

        People are so nice.

        We’re all studying French overtime.

        Thanks for stopping by.

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