Miel et Lait

(C’est quoi
la vie)
Un paradis?
Un ciel rouge
Un simple au revoir?

Deux baisers
Une étoile
qui brille

Miel et lait?

le sens et gris
mais clairement
on voit
ce n’est pas un rêve
ni une joie
qui donne à la vie
sa voix
les sentiments
dit gentiment
sont tout ce dont
on a besoin
c’est tout sympa
grimper là-haut
la vie est juste
un mot
qui est fait
pour se plaît

la vie
est douce
comme l’eau
(La vie est dans la peau)

Miel et Lait
par Lauren Clark


Poetry Chapbook is out on Amazon

For all you readers who have asked about where to get a hardcopy of my poetry, thank you for appreciating my craft. In honor of you, the chapbook is now out on Amazon and clicking on the link below takes you there.

Thank you for reading. Much love and wishing you peace, joy, and comfort this New Year’s 2015.

I Want You to Be Whole



Bali, Jan 2014

Paper Pigeons



And no

Rilke in the


In          evitable           tragedies

are little boys and         little girls

Who live to
Tell and
weave     s     t      o

r   i   e


Of  needs  and               w


Shaped by

And words
gifts                                 trust
respect                            honor;

Watching                       bridges burn
As we

sink;                                singing


Once and


And yet, we
dance                               in vases

to                                      gether

and a


For                                    ever.

The Deepest Spot on Earth


When I was a child,

I was sent on a journey to

find the meaning of life;

or someone would die.

They told me,

“If you leave it out,

everything will be stolen

so cover it with a glass lid.”

I crossed the desert just to see

the Pyramids;

I wanted the answers

and found God in my hunger.

“Why are you scaring him?!”

He said that

my enemies taught me more

about me than I ever knew.

I see my reflection in a book

I wrote,

and the meaning of life stares

right back at me.

They were not satisfied with the

answer upon my return;

for it did not bring immortality

nor great wealth

(therefore, useless).

We’re dying Richard Parker.

Look into my eyes.

I lost everything.

I no longer owe you anything.

Moving a Mountain of Platinum


A cosmic shooting gallery

Have you ever tried to rip space apart
using the scientific method;

It is like ripping metal with your bare hands.

(This is the future my friends)

Like keeping rhythm with a hypothesis
And understanding that which is all math–

Math that exists outside of time
And time is infinity minus one;

That the diversity that leads to unity
cannot merely exist in just the number one
of the Arabic code:

Like an electric eel in a fishbowl
that gets moved
from one end of the galaxy to
the synapses of laminin
in our bodies;

Because life, breath and truth–
(even though we can imagine)

All these in the fullness of magnificence!
simply cannot be contained
by our minds;

Yet we blink. (and absolutisms
are absolved like
equations of peace
upon us)

Right now a rock bigger than the earth
hurtles toward us
and is caught in the asteroid belt;

It is subdued while we drink our coffee
and contemplate
divorce or suicide;
forgiveness, evolution, or altruism.

© Alicia Khoo

In memory of Jason Molina, December 16, 1973–March 16, 2013
(RIP Jason Molina, you live on in the music you gave to us)

We Imagined Money Into Existence

Hans Holbien The Rich Man Brit Muse

Grant me a few moments to ruminate

over the philosophy of money–

Rich men try to bring it to the grave,

while the rest occupy Wall Street;

When someone says they don’t have faith,

it merely means they don’t have faith in the notion of faith.

We have faith in money like we have faith in gravity.

What would happen if every single person in modern civilization

started bartering with spoils of the land?

And said, “Away with pieces of copper and paper notes!”

Would it be our own Operation Bernhard?

Would it cause complete chaos that leads to mass suicide

or would it free all of humanity from

counterfeit and engineered debt?

What then, would we use to bail the banks out this time?

I turn on the television and watch

NASDAQ, Standard and Poor, NYSE Composite

(Forbes Fifty Richest Men in the World!)

roll by on the screen;

yet money isn’t inherently evil,

it can be a tool for the greatest cause–

but I fear we might have forgotten how powerful

human beings can be, when we sit together and imagine

instruments into existence.

And now we have virtual currency,

speculative transactions only possible

because of a collective faith (ah there that word is again! you exclaim)

and courage;

All things are possible, all are welcome,

Currency does not discriminate.

We shall sing and be merry at the marketplaces,

waiting for the bell, awakened to the truth.

Just wait till the Silk Road goes out of business,

we shall take all those bitcoins we stuffed in paper wallets

and go to the nearest casino and stuff our faces silly

at the international buffet.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 30


On Forgiveness


I find forgiveness to be such an overused and worn out word. It has been said to be one of the expressions of love and kindness–some say the way of being perfected. If mercy means to not mete out the punishment deserved (justice), and forgiveness means to release someone from the debt (condemnation) that stems from the wrong done to your personhood (the boundaries of your mind, will, emotions, body, loved ones) or property, I think perhaps from now on I will say, “I release you from everything you have ever done, including humiliation, deceit and betrayal. You owe me nothing, no less, no longer.”

And if grace (unmerited favor) means to not only forgive (release), but to do good to them (Christ-like), then Christ help us all! I’m running on empty with grace.

I think practicing forgiveness might be all I can muster right now. Let’s not push it.


Pain and disease awaken us to convictions which are necessary to our moral condition.
– Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) (“The Great Cham of Literature”)