The Deepest Spot on Earth


When I was a child,

I was sent on a journey to

find the meaning of life;

or someone would die.

They told me,

“If you leave it out,

everything will be stolen

so cover it with a glass lid.”

I crossed the desert just to see

the Pyramids;

I wanted the answers

and found God in my hunger.

“Why are you scaring him?!”

He said that

my enemies taught me more

about me than I ever knew.

I see my reflection in a book

I wrote,

and the meaning of life stares

right back at me.

They were not satisfied with the

answer upon my return;

for it did not bring immortality

nor great wealth

(therefore, useless).

We’re dying Richard Parker.

Look into my eyes.

I lost everything.

I no longer owe you anything.


On Forgiveness


I find forgiveness to be such an overused and worn out word. It has been said to be one of the expressions of love and kindness–some say the way of being perfected. If mercy means to not mete out the punishment deserved (justice), and forgiveness means to release someone from the debt (condemnation) that stems from the wrong done to your personhood (the boundaries of your mind, will, emotions, body, loved ones) or property, I think perhaps from now on I will say, “I release you from everything you have ever done, including humiliation, deceit and betrayal. You owe me nothing, no less, no longer.”

And if grace (unmerited favor) means to not only forgive (release), but to do good to them (Christ-like), then Christ help us all! I’m running on empty with grace.

I think practicing forgiveness might be all I can muster right now. Let’s not push it.


Pain and disease awaken us to convictions which are necessary to our moral condition.
– Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) (“The Great Cham of Literature”)

Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli

Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli.

Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava;
Hava bedava, bulut bedava;
Dere tepe bedava;
Yağmur çamur bedava;
Otomobillerin dışı,
Sinamaların kapısı,
Camekânlar bedava;
Peynir ekmek değil ama
Acı su bedava;
Kelle fiyatına hürriyet,
Esirlik bedava;
Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava.

We live for free, for free
The air is free, the clouds are for free,
Valleys and hills are for free,
The rain, the mud, are for free,
The outside of cars,
The doors of the cinemas
The shop windows, are for free.
Bread and butter aren’t, but
Stale water is for free,
Freedom can cost your head
Captivity is for free
We live for free, for free.

An Atlas of Consonance

Middle Earth

Come as you are,

worldly possessions carried in one hand,

an odyssey and message that rids us

of unhappiness and discontent.

You truly believe I am alive.

white beards long beards
glassy gazed dead-blow-hammer
tract marked arm scars blood rush to the head
the envious, stampede, fickle-faux, self-made
apartment buildings concrete gas lighting
condominium parking lots panicked search lights
knife blades eyes flash in the pan

so much absurdity

each time you see a platypus,

have a good laugh.

Human language is but a demo-version,

nobody is inventing anything new;

every philosopher played himself out–

the ones who used to live and did not grieve,

so now I am trying to do that,

and you cannot imagine how tough it is,

it’s like talking to a cupboard.

Where roses die and wither, I play my harp;

they call us weeds and nuisance,

but we are Conquerors,

Scared we would go blind if we carried on,

the wind offered to carry us, pushed against

hate-graffiti written paper skin vandalized by words like

‘you wont’, ‘you cant’.

Lighter than the wind but anchored,

flailing forward like a pebble cast from a sling,

made to topple giants. I am David.

They said I was a slave to failure so I learnt to run,

believing in the sun’s existence

when there was no evidence

to love myself in the face of hate when I had reasons to

burn the bridges that light my way.

Open your mouth,

here’s another pearl that regresses to an oyster;

Now we shall sing forever.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 14

Note from writer–

A poem made possible from a collage of three pieces by brilliant fellow poets:

Jesse S. Mitchell, Das Sunlight

Ilya Fostiy, Platypus.

, Despite (Senile Ramblings from a wise old homeless man pt 3)

Ramblings of a New York Law Professor

New York Family Law / Edition 3 by Sara P. Schechter

Ok people,

I can’t say if I’m pro-choice or pro-life,

women’s rights and reproductive health

and don’t wanna risk all of you

getting sensitive on me–

but ladies, one word of advice:

if he’s a deadbeat or a douchebag,

and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life

dealing with him and a kid who’s gonna be heartbroken

and have daddy issues and mommy issues

and separation anxiety and abandonment issues

and tissues and hours of therapy you can’t afford–

No matter how cute he is or how drunk you are,


Thank you. Class dismissed.

Have a safe weekend.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 13

*Numerous expletives have been censored for coherence sake