Rogue planet is young wanderer


This modest dot

wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit –

100 light-years away.

“What a common thing,” onlookers proclaim!

(Yet she eludes close study)

disks of dust and debris
thrown out of a host’s orbit,
never reaching,
Never good enough.

Not a failed star,
a brown dwarf;

but stellar evolution without enough spark;
nuclear fusion causes light.

I end up free from gravity.

I speak in parliament about women’s rights.

There was a vast hunt with
a Very Large Telescope:
warm, young planets give off infrared light-

I will allow first guesses as to my scars
during a scan that covered 1,000 times of the full moon;
The composition that stains from excision.

“We observed hundreds of millions,

but we only found one homeless planet

in our neighbourhood.”

Sugar crystals in coffee
fascinate astronomers
50 -120 million years ago
(estimate of age)

Guesses of mass and temperature
short of limit
how I came to be
– the tiny beginnings of the sun, or
planet launched from its home?

Little object ejected from its native system,

Orphaned worlds, drifting

in the emptiness of time and space.

© Alicia Khoo

Feb 2013,
Ton Sai Beach, Krabi

A tribute to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and all women brave enough to become nomads seeking freedom, truth and compassion.

Poem inspired by:
“‘Rogue planet’ is young wanderer”
BBC Article 2012
15 November 2012 17:21