I really hate Facebook but…


For what it’s worth, my Facebook page is up and running! Yes I finally got around to it. Come on board to keep updated on my latest political rants and humanitarian causes that I support. Also from time to time I will throw in some jokes to end the day, so you might even go to bed smiling, or weeping. So a poet walks into Pyongyang…(See I had you in stitches already! See you on FB! :))

Also very excited to repost selected poetry/flash fiction from fellow writers if it interests/moves me.


All support appreciated!

Let’s keep the love of poetry, critical thinking, and freedom of expression alive.

I wish you bliss and liberty in the pursuit of truth,



Johari’s Hierarchy of Needs

You cannot be angry at being robbed of something you never knew existed.

Like time, space, and the right to exist.

Privacy. Joy. Consciousness.

The freedom to express that consciousness.

Logic. Dignity. Minimum Wage.

The bounty of the earth.

And to be able to stand on any patch of soil on this planet

without being called an illegal alien

when you actually are home.

So why are we angry?

© Alicia Khoo

In the aftermath of the Worker’s Party winning the by-election,

Singapore, January 2013.

Application Status

I would like to:

stand on a box


(speak my mind)



of repercussion

and perhaps sometimes……………..

not have to use punctuation?!


or write along the

damn left margin

© Alicia Khoo

Singapore, January 2013