Poetry Chapbook is out on Amazon

For all you readers who have asked about where to get a hardcopy of my poetry, thank you for appreciating my craft. In honor of you, the chapbook is now out on Amazon and clicking on the link below takes you there.

Thank you for reading. Much love and wishing you peace, joy, and comfort this New Year’s 2015.

I Want You to Be Whole



Bali, Jan 2014


Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli

Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli.

Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava;
Hava bedava, bulut bedava;
Dere tepe bedava;
Yağmur çamur bedava;
Otomobillerin dışı,
Sinamaların kapısı,
Camekânlar bedava;
Peynir ekmek değil ama
Acı su bedava;
Kelle fiyatına hürriyet,
Esirlik bedava;
Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava.

We live for free, for free
The air is free, the clouds are for free,
Valleys and hills are for free,
The rain, the mud, are for free,
The outside of cars,
The doors of the cinemas
The shop windows, are for free.
Bread and butter aren’t, but
Stale water is for free,
Freedom can cost your head
Captivity is for free
We live for free, for free.

Fight or Flight

Flock of doves

She envies the birds

and the bees.

One day I will be a bird,

she whispers to the universe.


Her father walks in and she ceases to exist.

Eighteen and out, she tells herself.

As blows flatten her face,

and her hair falls to the floor,

she lays facedown on marble,

in a pool of blood, sweat and tears.

Now a way of life.

Heart still beating

around a campfire,

she meditates on her wings,

sheathed with silver and gold.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 6

For all the children and grown-ups out there going through domestic violence, you are not alone. Seek help!