Gold explodes out of water during earthquakes


Long thoughts

slow processes

new studies published in Nature Geoscience

Trace these fault lines of mine

process of cavity expansion generates

gold veins produced

study authors write in journal abstracts.

For example, a magnitude-4 earthquake at a depth of 11 kilometers would cause the pressure in a suddenly opening fault jog to drop from 290 megapascals (MPa) to 0.2 MPa. (By comparison, air pressure at sea level is 0.1 MPa.) “So you’re looking at a 1,000-fold reduction in pressure.”

We were trapped in underground water flows.

When the Earth shifted

it dropped a thousandfold

then flash vaporized and the

scientist in a lab using a “thermo-mechanical piston” to carve poetry

elements in veins through the rock

of -2 magnitude.

Blind valleys with

potential to precipitate

Very Large Quantities.

(Small bits add up)

These discoveries however–

The alchemists were wrong

Now we chase earthquakes

to feed nations.


© Alicia Khoo

Ton Sai Beach, Krabi, Thailand


“Found” Poem inspired by Article

Image copyright of TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images


a day in the slum

No one drove the beggars away

Murderers and thieves gathered to argue

about truth, and love, and virtue.

As rabid sleeping dogs lay,

and the houses piled in solemn disarray,

Nothing could be made anew,

and one pays where one is overdue.

where the rest of us kneel and gently cast away.

Hundreds in the shore and wrestle

even for the rain, for the thirst, for water

it just gets harder and heavier

this lightness, brightness, this saddle

to grow up and blow away like dust

and never anchor what they must.

A Day in the Slum
Alicia Khoo
New York City, October 2011

(Cento Sonnet Poem,

inspired by Shantaram)