Never Good Enough

Who determines the

standard of beauty?

What we allow to exist

in advertisements and movies

determines the depth of a

plastic surgeon’s pocket.

I want to grow old, gracefully:

wrinkles and stretch marks

pointing to the number of years lived,

the songs I sang,

all the times I ever laughed

and wept;

and the words that come out

of my toothless mouth

magnifying the scars of my heart

every time I tried to love someone

but they wouldn’t let me

because they felt so unworthy

of anyone’s time,

that they would never put on those

dancing shoes and read my lips.

We walk on opposite directions

on either side of the street;

one to the scalpel and botox,

the other to tear down billboards

of filthy lies;

Come with me and we shall reclaim

what once was ours.

© Alicia Khoo

NaPoWriMo Day 26


Foreign Policy

I am so glad they caught Saddam Hussein in Iraq while they went to Afghanistan for oil, sent young boys to fight for my freedom, hunted down the nasty Al Qaeda (all Saddam’s fault), put Martha Stewart in jail, took such great care of the troops with Halliburton, finally found Osama (but elected Obama–another Hussein)

and I can see Russia from my window in Fairbanks.

© Alicia Khoo

Inspired by Sarah Palin