Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli

Bedava (For Free) – Orhan Veli.

Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava;
Hava bedava, bulut bedava;
Dere tepe bedava;
Yağmur çamur bedava;
Otomobillerin dışı,
Sinamaların kapısı,
Camekânlar bedava;
Peynir ekmek değil ama
Acı su bedava;
Kelle fiyatına hürriyet,
Esirlik bedava;
Bedava yaşıyoruz, bedava.

We live for free, for free
The air is free, the clouds are for free,
Valleys and hills are for free,
The rain, the mud, are for free,
The outside of cars,
The doors of the cinemas
The shop windows, are for free.
Bread and butter aren’t, but
Stale water is for free,
Freedom can cost your head
Captivity is for free
We live for free, for free.



Like a snake shedding its skin;

fear blooms with smell—


Butterflies buckle turquoise in the swamp;

water swallows a generation;

I plunge into a jungle of prehistoria


Mud, sweat and tears

carry a boat to a secret cave,

His cries stream from a mountainhome,

flags mark where the victors rewrote our books.

As earth crusts collide to birth

Caverns of sapphire and philosophers’ stone.