Poetry Chapbook is out on Amazon

For all you readers who have asked about where to get a hardcopy of my poetry, thank you for appreciating my craft. In honor of you, the chapbook is now out on Amazon and clicking on the link below takes you there.

Thank you for reading. Much love and wishing you peace, joy, and comfort this New Year’s 2015.

I Want You to Be Whole



Bali, Jan 2014


Johari’s Hierarchy of Needs

You cannot be angry at being robbed of something you never knew existed.

Like time, space, and the right to exist.

Privacy. Joy. Consciousness.

The freedom to express that consciousness.

Logic. Dignity. Minimum Wage.

The bounty of the earth.

And to be able to stand on any patch of soil on this planet

without being called an illegal alien

when you actually are home.

So why are we angry?

© Alicia Khoo

In the aftermath of the Worker’s Party winning the by-election,

Singapore, January 2013.

Foreign Policy

I am so glad they caught Saddam Hussein in Iraq while they went to Afghanistan for oil, sent young boys to fight for my freedom, hunted down the nasty Al Qaeda (all Saddam’s fault), put Martha Stewart in jail, took such great care of the troops with Halliburton, finally found Osama (but elected Obama–another Hussein)

and I can see Russia from my window in Fairbanks.

© Alicia Khoo

Inspired by Sarah Palin

Application Status

I would like to:

stand on a box


(speak my mind)



of repercussion

and perhaps sometimes……………..

not have to use punctuation?!


or write along the

damn left margin

© Alicia Khoo

Singapore, January 2013